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Marine Corps Emblem

Mike Company
3rd Battalion
7th Marines

Marine Corps Emblem

From My Scrapbook

3/7 sweep

DA NANG - A two-day multi-company search and destroy operation conducted by the 3rd Battalion, Seventh Marines, 1st Marine Division, ended Dec. 22 with 11 Viet Cong Killed.

The operation, 25 miles southwest of Da Nang, was conducted in driving rain with limited visibility.

In a sweep and blocking maneuver, one company was helolifted behind the suspected communist positions while the second, anchored on the Vu Gia river, set up a blocking position stretching to the mountains.

Sweeping east of the river, the Leathernecks compressed the Viet Cong into a pocket.

Captured weapons include two carbines, one U.S. rifle, one French machinegun, and two Russian rifles. The Marines also found several uniforms and grenades in caves during the operation.

One captured Viet Cong suspect defected to the Marines after telling a story of maltreatment by his leaders.

Marine casualties were light.